Sand eel

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Sand Eel


Snake-like creatures, sand eels slide across the shifting sands and desert dunes like their aquatic cousins, with a grace that no desert snake can muster.


Sand eels closely resemble a large desert snake reaching between six and twelve feet in length although there are rumours of rare creatures growing even larger. Normal sand eels can weigh several hundred pounds but are surprisingly light due to their tiny bones and light weight skin. The only difference in appearance between a sand eel and a snake is their underbelly which is covered in tiny feelers that allow them their unique form of locomotion. Rather than the traditional S-slither used by desert snakes the sand eel instead move in straight lines with surprising grace.1

Habitat and ecology

Sand eels are strictly desert dwelling creatures and can be found in many of Garund's desert-strewn nations like Katapesh. They are solitary hunters but in the evenings they gather beneath the sands in groups of five or more to conserve body heat. With the sunrise they each depart to hunt alone. In most respects the ecology of the sand eel is very similar to that of the common snake; they are cold blooded, they lays eggs, they hunt during the day and sleep during the cold nights. The main difference between the sand eel's ecology and the more common desert snake is their food source with sand eels preying upon larger creatures like jackals, dhabbas and even occasionally humanoids.1 Sand eels dig pits for their nests which have a secondary function: unfortunate travelers stumbling upon one can disappear as if sucked into quicksand.2


A sand eel can attack from buried beneath the surface catching its victim by surprise and gaining an advantage in combat.
Sand eels can move across any type of sand easily.1