Sanloria Percota

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Sanloria Percota

Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 353–354

Sanloria Percota is a historian; curator of the Westgate Heritage Musuem in the Westgate district of Absalom; a broadsheet columnist; and founder of the Peacebuilders, and watchdog organization critical of the Pathfinder Society.1


Percota's son Duldorin was a bystander killed during the Dragonstrike Assault on the Irorium in 4710 AR. The assault was the result of internecine conflict within the Pathfinder Society, and Percota has sought to hold the Society responsible for Duldorin's death since.1

She founded the Peacebuilders toward that end, and as part of the organization's lobbying efforts to reform or restrain the Society's operations in Absalom and seek reparations for their damages, she also writes regular columns in Absalom's newspapers critical of the Society. Her columns run prominently in the Mother's Message broadsheet and are persistently critical of Master of Swords Marcos Farabellus.1


Percota uses a wheelchair, and is both assisted and if necessary defended by a clockwork servant named Mister Chulway.1 A student at, and later sponsor of, the Clockwork Cathedral, she was a friend and lover of her classmate Reginald Vancaskerkin.1


Dhauken Tor is a persistent critic of her displays at her museum, going so far as to hand-correct errors in her displays.1 Some Pathfinders accuse her of working as an agent for sinister organizations opposed to the Society, such as the Aspis Consortium, though such rumors are unfounded.2


Percota is curator of the Westgate Heritage Museum and a dedicated historian of the district. She has hired adventurers to secure cultural artifacts for her museum but never works with Pathfinders.1


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