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Marcos Farabellus

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Marcos Farabellus
Marcos Farabellus.
Titles Master of Swords
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 6 / Rogue 4
Gender Male
Homeland Absalom
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 10

Marcos Farabellus is the current Master of Swords within Absalom's Pathfinder Society.[1]

The most popular of the Three Masters of the Society's Grand Lodge, Marcos is known for his storytelling, good humour, and devil-may-care approach to combat and training. In truth, his bravado is more a teaching technique to keep his audience rapt, with his true goal being the preservation of Pathfinders' lives. To this end, for instance, Farabellus teaches Pathfinder trainees about the treasures of ancient Azlant, how to rescue them, and how to do so while staying alive.[2]

Shadow Lodge

Since the Shadow Lodge's rise to prominence, Marcos has done his utmost to heal the rifts between Pathfinders and takes a dim view of intolerance within the ranks. Although this has caused some friction with a number of colleagues, he is still a beloved venture-captain.[3]


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