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The flag of Segada.
Titles City of Keys
Nation Degasi
Size Large city
Population 19,036
Demographics 13,335 humans, 1,578 gnomes, 1,514 halflings, 1,500 wyrwoods, 681 skinwalkers, 228 others
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Demonym Segadan
Adjective Segadan
Ruler Mayor Wanakeena Awasuul
Leader Skawahann Duburra and Ojiham Nekero, members of the High Council; Peacekeeper Captain Tekawenda Ulash

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 44ff.

Segada is a city of Mahwek Arcadians that serves as a gateway to Degasi and other reaches of Arcadia's interior. Its economic importance, already significant as a hub for Arcadian commerce, has grown from recent trade with Avistan.[1]

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