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The flag of Segada.

City of Keys
Large city
13,335 humans, 1,578 gnomes, 1,514 halflings, 1,500 wyrwoods, 681 beastkin, 228 others
Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 44ff.

Segada is a city of Mahwek Arcadians that serves as a gateway to Degasi and other reaches of Arcadia's interior. Its economic importance, already significant as a hub for Arcadian commerce, has grown from recent trade with Avistan.1


Segada is situated at a thousand feet above sea level in one of the safest passes through the Akrandida Mountains. It overlooks the narrow strip of land, called the Grinding Coast, that separates the mountains from the Arcadian Ocean to the east. The city's strategic location means it can monitor passage in and out of Arcadia's interior. North of Segada, the mountains fall into the Atnumees Sea, south of Valenhall; south of the city, they spread flat into the Shraedar Peninsula that juts into the Arcadian Ocean. Nearby gold, iron, and coal mines supply other cities in Degasi. Blessed with all these benefits, Segada is one of the most important cities in Degasi.1


Segada's mayor Wanakeena Awasuul oversees a strong city government from the House of Keys, which holds the city council and dozens of licensing offices. All aspects of city life pass through the House of Keys at some point. The Avistani settlers have been petitioning (as yet unsuccessfully) for their own embassy in the House of Keys.2

In order to protect its border from foreigners and monsters, Segada maintains a strong military. The soldiers, stationed on watchtowers overlooking the lowlands, work as a tight unit in battle, and their strength has been an effective deterrent.1


Segada originated as a camp for those crossing the Akrandida Mountains, before growing to a village and eventually a city. The first settlers to Segada were harassed by a syrinx monastery who saw the rocks atop its waterfall as sacred, until the settlers hired adventurers to drive back the syrinxes, who have rarely bothered the city since then.1

A few centuries ago, Segada was invaded by hundreds of wyrwoods from the Grinding Coast who sought to expand their territory. This marked the beginning of the Gearwars, during which Segada was aided by many allies from the rest of Degasi against the cruel wyrwoods and their war machines. After the war ended, many of these soldiers stayed in Segada, tripling its population. A century ago, Segada saw even more settlers after the discovery of valuable minerals in the nearby mountains.1

In 4679 AR, as the first colonists arrived from Cheliax, Segada has built its own relationships with other Arcadian nations, and assembled the coalition that enacted the Segada Protocol, which would determine the relationship between native Arcadians and Avistani settlers.1


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