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Temperate mountains (Arcadia)
Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 51
For other meanings of "Syrinx", please see Syrinx (disambiguation).

Syrinxes are humanoids native to the continent of Arcadia1 with the heads, wings, and feet of owls. They are scholars who highly value art and philosophy, and seek to distance themselves from their own history of barbarism. Their methods, however, are anything but cultured, as they seek to enslave all other races (especially those without wings) to serve their quest for cultural progress.2

Relationship with strix

Syrinxes and the strix of Avistan once both lived on Arcadia as one people. Their original home was lost in the Scattered Nest cataclysm, with its location lost to time.3 Some syrinx scholars of Arcadia once maintained that the strix had been altered in the past to serve them as warriors and slave masters,2 but after separating and migrating, each group long believed the other had perished. Since reuniting, syrinx and strix societies welcome each other as relatives and have grown culturally as a result.3


As well as using Common as a language, syrinxes are able to communicate with any bird or birdlike magical beast and have their own language, which is also known as Syrinx.2


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