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Prefect, a wyrwood.

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Any ruins or underground
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 280

Wyrwoods are magical, intelligent constructs resembling humanoids that were created as servants and warriors long ago by a group of wizards. They rebelled and destroyed their masters, but not before they learned the secret of how to create more of their kind.1 They are one of the most populous races on the distant continent of Arcadia.23


Wyrwoods are small, agile, wooden constructs powered by an aeon stone heart.14 Some wyrwoods are built from rare materials like rubble or divine relics, and in recent years many wyrwoods have integrated organic components into themselves, making them closer to organic creatures than to constructs.5


Wyrwoods were crafted by a cabal of Azlanti wizards to be nimble, skilled, intelligent magical construct servants. This backfired on them when the wyrwoods began to question why they were involved in the intrigues of their masters, and when the wizards forced the wyrwoods to fight on their behalf, the wyrwoods rebelled, stole the wizards' notes about how to create more wyrwoods, and fled to Arcadia, the continent which they regard as their homeland.14


Because of their alien physiology, most wyrwoods are coldly rational and do not understand emotions or empathy; the rare few that do still view them as mere tools. In order to ensure the survival and freedom of their race, which they put above everything else, many wyrwoods are xenophobic, and they never reveal the secrets of their reproduction to other creatures. Most wyrwoods become wizards or rogues, and religious ones tend to follow lawful deities whose strict codes are followed to the letter.14

Most wyrwoods reside in Arcadia, preferring the isolation granted by this continent. In the Inner Sea region and elsewhere on Golarion, wyrwoods are rare due to the unwanted attention they attract: ambassadors to the Clockwork Cathedral in Absalom only stayed briefly before departing, and two wyrwoods narrowly escaped Nex when an Arclord's agent tried to vivisect them.4


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