Seldinin Choaz

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Seldinin Choaz

Iomedae (later)
Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 22

Seldinin Choaz was one of the five co-founders of the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw.1


Seldinin Choaz was formerly a paladin of Aroden and member of the Order of the Pyre. In 4622 AR, twenty years after his god's death, Choaz asked for permission to join the first Mendevian Crusade launched by the church of Aroden. His superiors allowed only Choaz to go, but he was authorised to recruit allies.1

For nearly 20 years, Choaz fought the demons infesting the ruins of Sarkoris. He gathered a motley band of companions: Miron Vagaul, a dwarven follower of Torag; Cilquen Odalevvi, an Iroran scholar; Addis Bavosso, an Abadaran priest from Brevoy; Tevtavallis, an Asmodean cleric; and Renrallie Dinyar-Stareye, a Sarkorian god caller and his future wife. Under Choaz's leadership, they adopted the Hellknight discipline and engaged in frequent interfaith dialogues. Choaz converted to the faith of Iomedae, and, following the polytheistic Sarkorian tradition, Renrallie adopted all deities worshipped by the group into her faith. This was the beginning of the Order of the Godclaw.1

In 4637 AR, several years after his wife disappeared, Choaz came back to Cheliax with the nascent Order of the Godclaw. In 4639 AR, as the Hellknights stripped the titles of many Hellknights endorsed by the Chelish monarchy but lacking ties to existing orders, the Order of the Godclaw managed to convince the Hellknights' leadership of their devotion through reports of their victories against the demons in the Worldwound, and was allowed to build its headquarters of Citadel Dinyar.1


One of Choaz and Renrallie's living descendants is Regan Vashan, who currently holds the rank of armiger in the Order of the Godclaw.2