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Age of Lost Omens
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4622 AR in conflicts

  • The First Mendevian Crusade is launched to quell the hordes of demons pouring from the Worldwound in Sarkoris. The crusade is launched by the faltering church of Aroden in an attempt to stir their worshipers into religious fervor.1 The actual leaders of the crusade are clergy in the rapidly rising church of Iomedae. They lead warriors up the Sellen River to the cold, demon-haunted lands of northern Avistan.23
    • Unfortunately, the religious fervour imbued into the crusaders has ill-effect in this year: some Crusaders mistake the druidic faith of the native Sarkorians as demon worship. In the ensuing witch hunt, over forty natives are executed at the hands of the holy warriors in this first year of the Crusade.4

4622 AR in environment

  • In Xopatl, the Arpretzí River mysteriously dries up leading to the demise of the agricultural city of Chídanza where today only ruins are left of the city.5

4622 AR in people

Deaths in 4622 AR


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