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Seven Tooth

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Seven Tooth
Type Tribal
Leader None
Headquarters Shank's Wood, Varisia
Scope Local
Members Goblins

Source: Pathfinder #2, pg(s). 23-24

The Seven Tooth tribe of goblins operates in Shank's Wood near Sandpoint in Varisia. They are surprisingly strong-willed; instead of attacking travelers in the woods, they limit their raids to Sandpoint's Junk Beach, where they gather weapons and gear discarded by the townspeople.[1]


The tribe does not have a set leader. Instead, they follow the lead of the meanest and most resilient goblin. Sometimes a bugbear or a particular goblin organizes the tribe, but due to the violent nature of goblins, these self-made chieftains usually die during a mutiny before long.[1]


The bugbears of the wood tend to ambush the goblins as much as they do travelers.[1]

Shalelu Andosana, a ranger from Sandpoint, has led raids into the wood in response to some overzealous raiding along the Lost Coast Road.[1]

Harpies from the nearby islands of Three Cormorants have recently raided the Seven Tooth tribe, but these attacks have slowly been subsiding.[1]


The cult of Lamashtu used the tribe as a recruitment center, practising mutation magic on them.[1]


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