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Shalelu Andosana

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Shalelu Andosana
Shalelu Andosana.
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Elf
Class Fighter 2 / Ranger 4
Gender Female
Homeland Crying Leaf, Varisia
Born ca. 4581 AR
(about 138 years old)
Companion(s) Ameiko Kaijitsu
Images of Shalelu Andosana

Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 58–59

Shalelu Andosana (pronounced sha-LEE-luu)[1] is an elven warrior who makes her home in the wilds of central and western Varisia.[2][3]


Shalelu lost her father when she was very young to the attack of a bugbear assassin. Her late mother was called Seanthia, who took a human, Jakardos, as a second husband whom Shalelu treated as a stepfather. After Seanthia was killed when a green dragon attacked their home town of Crying Leaf, however, Jakardos left Crying Leaf and Shalelu out of heartbreak and did not return. This left Shalelu questioning the nature of her mother's and stepfather's relationship, and wondering if Jakardos had been taking advantage of Seanthia. This abandonment left a deep impression on Shalelu, and eventually drove her to her solitary lifestyle as a ranger and bounty hunter.[4][5]

Shalelu eventually settled in the wilds around Sandpoint, occasionally passing through the town for supplies but rarely staying long. She developed a strong enmity with the goblinoids of the local hinterlands, and spent several years fighting against the local goblin tribes. She developed a particularly personal enmity with the bugbear Bruthazmus, whom she fought on several occasions.[6]

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