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Nightsoil Marauders

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Nightsoil Marauders
Type Goblin tribe
Leader Inoklar
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Scope Local
Structure Tribal
Members Versevosh

Source: Rise of the Goblin Guild, pg(s). 3-4

The Nightsoil Marauders were a goblin tribe who lived in Magnimar's sewers in Varisia until they were destroyed by local Pathfinders investigating a spate of burglaries on their Pathfinder lodge, Heidmarch Manor. They were led by the ambitious female bugbear Inoklar, who built the Nightsoil Marauders into a legitimate thieves' guild. From there she hoped to start a protection racket selling "fire insurance", and challenge the local thieves' guilds supremacy by instigating a gang war. These plans were abruptly cancelled by the Pathfinders' intervention.[1][2]