Skeldon Miregrold

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Skeldon Miregrold

Source: The Darkest Vengeance, pg(s). 4-5, 16

The current whereabouts of Venture-Captain Skeldon Miregrold are a mystery to most Pathfinders.1 Over 20 years ago, he founded the Karcau Pathfinder lodge at Miregrold Manor, his ancestral home, in 4690 AR.23

Venture-Captain Miregrold is known as an expert in Darklands studies. He charted much of what is known of the Darklands, and he recovered many items of interest to the Pathfinder Society on his expeditions into drow, serpentfolk, and dark folk settlements. The Darklands are not his only field of study; Skeldon is also an inventor and scientist.1

On one of his last explorations, Skeldon followed up on some information about a rare crystalline mineral called aureolyte. This mineral naturally emits light and is used in shrines in many dark folk settlements. The venture-captain traveled with his dark folk informant into the Darklands and recovered a sample of the luminescent crystal.2

One of his promises to the Decemvirate that won him permission to start a Pathfinder lodge was that he would send his sample and his findings about it to Absalom. When he did not, and his second cousin and fellow Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff suspected he was also mismanaging the lodge, the Decemvirate dispatched a team of Pathfinders to investigate Kalistoff's concerns and recover the aureolyte.2

After the Pathfinder investigation, Venture-Captain Kalistoff took over management of the lodge. Venture-Captain Miregrold and the aureolyte are no longer in Karcau.1


Venture-Captain Skeldon Miregold has a reputation for risky ventures, with a vicious self-interest.2