Miregrold Manor

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Miregrold Manor is an important Pathfinder lodge—sometimes referred to as Karcau Lodge—in the Ustalavic city of Karcau, under the command of the vampish Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff. The lodge supports expeditions to northern Ustalav, as the southern part of the country is supported by the lodge at Havenguard Lunatic Asylum in Caliphas. The manor was formerly the ancestral home of Venture-Captain Skeldon Miregrold.1


Miregrold Manor is a classic Ustalavic manor house located in the grounds of a modest hillside estate just south of the city. It has a scenic view that overlooks the spires and vaulted rooftops of Karcau. A simple cobbled pathway winds through shade trees to the small, two-story house. The steep, darkly slated roof sits above carved bargeboard and high cross gables. The windows are narrow and leaded, in arched frames. The entry is strangely grand, with a pair of pointed turrets flanking the thick, iron-shod doors.2

Inside, the ground floor is used for entertaining, and the first floor hosts three small bedrooms. The manor's best real estate is the basement: the lodge's reliquary, library, alchemical laboratory are located down there, as well as a small room with a well-like shaft. A thick chain wound on a winch gives access to the subterranean lake under Karcau. The shaft drops into the excavation chamber, with double doors sealing it off from the shore and a dock on the lake. The straight, finished chamber walls hide and cut off the two passages that lead further down into the Darklands.2


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