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Pathfinder Society Primer

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Pathfinder Society Primer
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July 11, 2013

Pathfinder Society Primer, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook by John Compton and Mark Moreland, was released on July 11, 2013.

Way of the Open RoadGrab your wayfinder and embark on incredible missions with Pathfinder Player Companion: Pathfinder Society Primer! This volume contains everything you need to join the illustrious Pathfinder Society and start on the road to becoming one of Golarion's finest adventurers, explorers, and chroniclers. Tips and tricks from hardened Pathfinder veterans accompany the latest tools and gear used by Pathfinders in the field to create a priceless resource for the aspiring field agent. New spells, weapons, and magic items also assure that your latest risky mission isn't your last. If you measure up to the challenge, you might even prove worthy of having your story published in the legendary Pathfinder Chronicles!

In addition to being useful for your home game, all of the rules in this book are legal for use in the official Paizo Organized Play worldwide campaign. Inside this book, you'll find:

  •  Advice and tools for making the most out of your field agent, including new feats, spells, and traits to establish your Pathfinder as an adventurer worthy of the title.
  •  A detailed look at the three branches of the Pathfinder Society—the Swords, the Scrolls, and the Spells—as well as the types of Pathfinders who flock to these sects.
  •  A new prestige class for Pathfinder field agents, versatile adventurers trained to handle all types of situations with their wide variety of potent skills and abilities.
  •  New variant wayfinders and other useful magic items Pathfinders can employ in the field.
  •  New ioun stones—legendary magic gems that fit into a Pathfinder's wayfinder and grant significant powers—as well as flawed and cracked varieties of each.
  •  Details on various volumes of the Pathfinder Chronicles, new vanities for Paizo Organized Play, and information on joining this ongoing worldwide campaign.


For Your Character
p. 2
Welcome to the Pathfinder Society
p. 4
Building a Pathfinder
p. 6
Joining the Pathfinder Society
p. 8
The Scrolls
p. 10
The Spells
p. 12
The Swords
p. 14
Prominent Pathfinder Lodges
p. 16
The Pathfinder Field Agent
p. 18
p. 20
Ioun Stones
p. 22
Magic Items
p. 24
Pathfinder Chronicles
p. 26
p. 28
Pathfinder Society Organized Play
p. 30
Next Month!
p. 32
Lodges of the Pathfinder Society
Inside Front Cover
Modes of Travel
Inside Back Cover