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Solethex Sarn

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Solethex Sarn

High Master
Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 66

Solethex Sarn is the so-called High Master of the Apostles of Pain, a cult of Doloras that gained prominence in Xin-Edasseril in the eve of Earthfall.1


Solethex Sarn is a gaunt, hunched human man with a wicked gaze who wears grey robes and blood-red sashes.1


Solethex was born in one of the richest and most prestigious families in Xin-Edasseril, renowned for their skill in abjuration magic. However, Solethex instead became obsessed with temporal magic and considered abjuration 'the pursuits of pathetic minds'. Due to his refusal to study the lessons at the Arcanium Abjurant, he was expelled from the school, and vanished from the memories of everyone else the same day.1

Many years after the accidental deaths of his parents, Solethex Sarn resurfaced during a time when Runelord Belimarius' inner circle started whispering about a forthcoming catastrophe. He claimed to have journeyed into Hell and learnt the secrets of manipulating time from Doloras' velstrac followers in exchange for a foothold in Xin-Edasseril. Many people believed that Solethex and Doloras could protect them from the apocalypse and became the first Apostles of Pain.1

The Apostles of Pain were largely untouched by Earthfall when it finally struck. It is unknown whether they were merely lucky or were protected from chronogeists and temporal anomalies by Solethex's time-binding magic, but he regardless bragged about his achievement and started calling himself "High Master".1

When Alaznist broke the temporal loop of Xin-Edasseril, Solethex and his Apostles took control of the Arcanium Abjurant, the very school that expelled him as a youth. With more time to study, he discovered that Frozen Tears, the divine realm of Inkariax in the Shadow Plane, corresponded to Xin-Edasseril's location on the Material Plane. He then began searching for a way to pull the city into the Shadow Plane and into Inkariax's (and by extension Doloras') service in the belief that he will be rewarded with transformation into a new velstrac demagogue.1


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