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Titles Our Lady of Pain
Home Hell
Alignment Lawful evil
Areas of Concern Detachment
Cleric Alignments
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, Repose
Subdomains Catastrophe, Devil, Rage, Souls
Favored Weapon Kukri
Symbol Halo of tears
Sacred Animal Panther
Sacred Colors Gray, red

Source: Princes of Darkness, Book of the Damned Volume 1, pg(s). 32

The whore queen Doloras is a former angel who joined Asmodeus's revolt aeons ago and fled with him to Hell. Despite the misogynistic attitudes of that realm, she holds an honored position there, and preaches the abandonment of emotion for an unfeeling indifference.[1] Her unholy symbol is a necklace or tiara adorned with blue and red tear-shaped jewels.[2]


Still possessing a debased beauty, Doloras's skin seems to be made of iron, with eyes as black as anthracite and razor-sharp fingers. Her angelic wings are interlaced with needles and a crown of tears adorns her hairless head.[1]


Doloras may well be to blame for the release of the kyton race from their imprisonment in Hell, from where they escaped to the Plane of Shadow.[3]


Doloras has allied with the archdevil Mephistopheles.[4]

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