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Aliases Tsomo Qorra
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Sahuagin malenti
Class Vigilante 6
Gender Male
Homeland Plane of Water

Source: Treacherous Waves, pg(s). 21

Sorin is a blue-skinned aquatic elf and the unassuming assistant of Mr Tsomo Qorra.[1] In reality, Sorin is an assumed identity of Tsomo Qorra, a sahuagin malenti spy sent by Baron Zemdar to infiltrate Vialesk in preparation for a future invasion.[1][2]


After claiming a massive, abandoned settlement on the inside of a shell in the Lambent Bloom, Baron Zemdar turned his eyes to Vialesk and sent Tsomo to infiltrate the city.[2]

Tsomo identified the Glass Pit, Vialesk's central forge, as a potential weak point and planned to seal and then flood it, causing a catastrophic explosion. In order to secure the alchemical reagents that he would need to do so, Tsomo hired the unwitting mechanic Yuka Kannamen. He also stationed sahuagin informants across the city, who let him know of a planned Pathfinder Society expedition to the shell settlement, led by Zahra Kadamizi. Zahra had learnt that there might be some powers of the elemental lord Lysianassa within the shell.[2]

Tsomo infiltrated the expedition, communicating with Zemdar and his scouts by carving codes into the fins of the caravan's whale sharks. At a critical juncture, Zemdar forced the expedition to retreat by unleashing an algal bloom upon them. As Zahra suspected sabotage, and some expedition members blamed her for errors in navigation, Tsomo and Zemdar accelerated their invasion plans before the Society could regroup.[2]