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Titles City of Splendid Waves
Nation Maridar nation, Plane of Water
Size Metropolis
Population 282,000
Demographics 150,000 Maridar (undines), 20,000 locathah, 20,000 tritons, 15,000 water mephits, 10,000 merfolk, 10,000 tojanidas, 7,000 marids, 50,000 other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral
Leader Councilor Vaitea Una, Admiral Amarant Navar, Mistress of the Docks Anhianhi

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 47ff.

Vialesk (pronounced VEE-ah-lehsk),[1] the City of Splendid Waves, is the independent trade city of the maridar, and can be found floating in the Elemental Plane of Water. It is unaffiliated with the greater powers of that realm, and has positioned itself as a place for open trade and neutral negotiations. The city is built on an enormous block of granite and topped by an air bubble, allowing both water-breathing and air-breathing species to easily cohabitate. Some of its oldest stone and shell towers resemble Azlanti architecture, leading scholars to speculate that the maridar are related to the ancient humans of that realm.[2][3]

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Paizo published a major article about Vialesk in the Plane of Water chapter of Planes of Power.

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