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Empress of the Torrent
Areas of Concern
Respect and aid natural cycles, promote life and growth, change to avoid stagnation, swim
Pollute clean bodies of water, dam a river, disrespect sincere gifts of water or drink
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Change, fate, nature, water
Favored Weapon
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 6 (1E)
Lost Omens Gods & Magic, pg(s). 126
f. (2E)

Lysianassa is the good elemental lord of the Plane of Water, currently imprisoned in the Gasping Pearl.12


In the Age of Creation, when mortals began to use the elements for evil, the good elemental lords began to squabble, for instance, Lysianassa blaming Atreia for enabling arson. In the meantime, Lysianassa's evil rival Kelizandri gathered his fellow evil elemental lords and worked together to defeat and imprison the good ones.3

Before she was sealed away, Lysianassa preserved her strength inside The Breath of Lysianassa, which allowed her nautilus servant Riam the Unyielding to control the Plane of Water's currents. Lysianassa tasked Riam with governing the oceans in her place.45 Her plan was discovered by Kelizandri, who dispatched nine brine dragons to pursue Riam and they mortally wounded the nautilus. With no one to control the Breath of Lysianassa, the currents of the Plane of Water began to slowly stagnate.67


Lysianassa looks like a sailfish made of coral and streaked with mother-of-pearl.1


In recent years, many water nagas have made a pilgrimage to Savisura, an ancient, long-forgotten temple to Lysianassa. They claim that the haunting, indistinct voices echoing throughout the temple are uttered by a godlike creature called the Queen of the Depths, and that her chosen few can bring forth an event they call the Awakening. Some scholars believe that this Queen of the Depths is Lysianassa, and the nagas and similar cults across the Plane of Water are seeking to free her.89


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