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-5293 AR

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Age of Darkness
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-5293 AR in politics

-5293 AR in environment

  • A giant meteorite, now referred to as the Starstone, falls from the heavens, destroying the continent of Azlant. The event (known as Earthfall), reshapes the surface of Golarion, creating the Inner Sea, and plunging the world into the Age of Darkness.[1][2]
  • On the continent of Tian Xia, the impact of the Starstone unleashes terrible tsunamis which reshape its coastline. The Chenlun Mountains, located at the antipode of Azlant, erupt with countless volcanoes that blot out the sun for years. The reptilian Valashai empire is devastated.[3]
  • The impact of the Starstone destroys the landbridge between the continents of Avistan and Garund. Water from the Arcadian Ocean begins to flow east and form the Inner Sea.[4]

Migrations in -5293 AR

  • The majority of the elves of Golarion, having been forewarned of Earthfall by their diviners, flee to the world of Sovyrian using the Sovyrian Stone and escape the cataclysm. Some refuse to leave Golarion and descend into the Darklands, or flee to the far north and south instead.[5][6][7] Elves who settled the Fangwood flee to the First World but find that most of the paths back have closed.[8]


  • This year is generally considered by historians to be the opening year of the first historical age of the Inner Sea region, the Age of Darkness.[9] Before it were the uncounted years of the Age of Legend.[10] In Tian Xia, this years marks the beginning of the Age of Ashes, which lasts nearly 2,800 years.[3]
  • This year is -2793 IC in the Imperial Calendar of Tian Xia.[3]
  • Many Kellid in what will later be known as Numeria perish during Earthfall, but enough survive in caves to rebuild their tribes in the following years.[11]