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2632 AR in conflicts

Migrations in 2632 AR

  • The elves, after an absence of almost 8,000 years, begin returning en masse to Golarion through the Sovyrian Stone located in the country of Kyonin.23 Their decision to leave the mystical land of Sovyrian is prompted by the demon Treerazer, who is attempting to corrupt the portal for his own ends.4
    • Some of the elves that return find their old home was utterly destroyed and a strange tower had appeared, which they call the Mordant Spire. They rebuild and cut themselves of from the rest of the world.5
    • The Mualijae, the elves of the Mwangi Expanse, never left Golarion. So, they were not among the elves that returned.6
  • Taldan settlers are pushed east of the Sellen River by the returning elves.7


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