Elven pantheon

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Elves are no less passionate about religion than other races, although they do take a more casual approach to the worship of their deities. Even though they share their devotion to Calistria, Desna, and Nethys with Golarion's other races, they have a small number of their own deities.1

Gods of the elven pantheon

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Alseta, the Welcomer
Alseta is a goddess of doorways, thresholds, and transitions that is strongly associated with the Aiudara network.1
The goddess of lust and revenge is held in especially high regard by elves, who often identify with her moods and changeable nature.2
Cernunnos presents himself as a muscular elf with dull fur clothes that bear drawings of birds in flight or leaping animals.3
Findeladlara, the Guiding Hand
A god of art that is particularly interested in its preservation.1
Ketephys, the Hunter
A god of hunting, Ketephys is most often portrayed in the company of his dog Meycho and his hawk Falling Star.14
Yuelral, the Wise
A goddess of crafting, Yuelral the Wise is the only elven goddess to openly encourage her worship by aiuvarins.1


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