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Elven pantheon

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Elves are no less passionate about religion than other races, although they do take a more casual approach to the worship of their gods. Even though they share their devotion to Calistria, Desna, and Nethys with Golarion's other races, they have a small number of their own gods.[1]

Gods of the Elven Pantheon

  • Alseta: Also known as the Welcomer, Alseta is a goddess of doorways, thresholds, and transitions that is strongly associated with the Aiudara network.[1]
  • Findeladlara: The Guiding Hand is a god of art that is particularly interested in its preservation.[1]
  • Ketephys: A god of hunting, Ketephys is most often portrayed in the company of his dog Meycho and his hawk Falling Star.[1]
  • Yuelral: A goddess of crafting, Yuelral the Wise is the only elven goddess to openly encourage her worship by half-elves.[1]