Szaezan Crags

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The Szaezan Crags (pronounced schay-zan)1 are a range of mountains that take up most of western Bachuan, abutting the Sea of Ghosts. Much of the region was leased for 100 years by the sorceress Hao Jin, who has repurposed the Crags as a home for the Tapestry People.2


Traditionally home to many brutalized miners and quarry-workers during the time of Imperial Lung Wa, the people of the Crags were among those who rallied under Grandfather Pei during the Bachuan Revolution. Following the expulsion of the country's corrupt nobility, however, a growing population of ogres had infested the Szaezan Crags.3

Although most of the aristocracy's wealth was confiscated by the Sun Chamber during the revolution, numerous hidden caches of wealth are thought to remain in the remote Szaezan Crags. Bachuan's Ministry of Peace and Harmony once granted permits for adventurers to explore the Crags—with the expectation that most of their loot be ceded to the state.3


The Crags are home to most of the Tapestry People—refugees rescued from the deteriorating demiplane of the Hao Jin Tapestry—who migrated from Po Li after chafing under its religious rule. The central Tapestry's central settlement is Baifen, which has become a popular destination for holidays.2

The underworld dragon Li Xian lairs near the Crags, and his treasure-exchanging relationship with Hao Jin is said to have indebted the dragon to her enough to facilitate the region's lease and safeguard its people.45


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