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Hao Jin Tapestry

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Hao Jin Tapestry
The physical manifestation of the Hao Jin Tapestry.
(Magic item)
Type Artifact
Slot None
Origin Goka
Affiliation Pathfinder Society
Images of Hao Jin Tapestry

Source: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb, pg(s). 5
Hao Jin Tapestry
Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Images of Hao Jin Tapestry

The Hao Jin Tapestry is an artifact created centuries ago by the Tian sorceress Hao Jin. It is the gateway to a demiplane of the same name, home to numerous different locations and environments. The artifact was recently won by the Pathfinder Society in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament of 4711 AR and brought back to the Grand Lodge in Absalom for further study.[1][2]

The fabulous museum demiplane, accessed by the seemingly mundane wall hanging Hao Jin Tapestry, is stocked by Hao Jin with people, monuments, and entire cities that she collected during her travels.[3]

Although the preservation magic within the Hao Jin Tapestry has begun to fade, a lot of treasures remain intact and undiscovered. The Pathfinder Society has discovered how to create additional backdoors to the Tapestry and opened up pathways that allow quick transportation between the Grand Lodge and many important Pathfinder lodges. These backdoors require time to create and maintain, so the demiplane is no substitute for true teleportation magic.[3] In any case, the artifact allowed the Society to extend its influence greatly.[4]