Benchu Bay

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Benchu Bay is a body of water on the eastern coast of Tian Xia, connecting the larger Naikang Bay with the inland Sea of Ghosts. The nation of Tianjing lies on its northern shores, while Bachuan controls the south. Tianjing's capital city, Zetang, is situated at its mouth at Point Aykishe.12

The city-state of ancient Bachuan was founded on Benchu Bay's southern coast, and following the fall of Yixing, spread to conquer the entire region as far west as the Szaezan Crags before being absorbed into Imperial Lung Wa, whereupon it was renamed Pen Wa Province.3 At the time of Lung Wa's collapse, the southern coast of Benchu Bay was inhabited by demoralized fisher-people who slaved to support the corrupt aristocracy, and who were quick to join Grandfather Pei's revolution.4