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Nation Arcadian Ocean
Size Small city
Population 5,642
Demographics 2,053 merfolk, 1,890 aquatic elves, 742 locathahs, 277 cecaelias, 193 tritons, 179 siyokoys, 168 deep merfolk, 45 ceratioidi, 35 selkies, 26 ichthyocentaurs, 2 adaros, 32 other
Government Magical
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Rillkimatai

Source: City in the Deep, pg(s). 65

Talasantri is an underwater city 250 feet below the surface of the Arcadian Ocean. Though populated by many aquatic races, it is dominated by merfolk and aquatic elves.[1] The city is a sanctuary for many in a dangerous ocean, however, the residents are incredibly prejudiced against any surface-dwellers that visit who are sure to draw much attention.[2][3]

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