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Monstrous humanoid
Temperate oceans or coastlines
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 146

Ichthyocentaurs are centaur-like hybrids between merfolk and hippocampi.1


An ichthyocentaur has an athletic human head torso and a lower body consisting of two hoofed forelegs trailing into a finned tail. An average ichthyocentaur stands just over five feet tall when propped up by its legs and tail, is nearly 15 feet long from head to tail tip, and weighs over 1,700 pounds; but tribes from different areas vary significantly in build and size. Skin tones often are deeply tanned, but similar to those of nearby humans. Ichthyocentaurs usually wear little more than jewellery, often fashioned from sea creatures, as well as armour when fighting. Although amphibious, ichthyocentaurs are clumsy on land and rarely go far inland.1


Ichthyocentaur culture centres around courage, stewardship, and communal growth fostered by mentoring and trading knowledge, songs, and services with small communities. Ichthyocentaur warriors are known to challenge adventurers as a test and to offer guidance to respectful opponents. Ichthyocentaur tribes are usually led by bards, clerics, or oracles.1

Most ichthyocentaurs are nomadic, migrating across coast lines and sea lanes. They tend to avoid cities, preferring to treat with tritons, satyrs, and coastal elves. Elder ichthyocentaurs often seek out and learn from powerful magical beings. Most ichthyocentaurs worship deities of nature, beauty, and passion, and the Eldest.1


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