Deep merfolk

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Deep merfolk
Deep merfolk

any oceans (trenches)
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 172

Deep merfolk are merfolk acclimated to extreme underwater depths.1


Deep merfolk share some traits with their shallower-homed kin, such as humanoid torsos and piscine tails. Their adaptations to the deep, however, include darker transparent skin that makes them harder to see, and flexible bodies that instantly adjust to any amount of water pressure. Many decorate themselves with bioluminescent dyes as a form of communication as well as to lure prey.1

On Golarion

Deep merfolk battle merlucents for control over rich thermal vents on the ocean floor.2

On other planes

On the Plane of Water, deep merfolk live in the dark seas near the plane's border with the Plane of Earth.3


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