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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 246

Siyokoys are eel-like aquatic aberrations.1


A siyokoy has the face, tail, and scales of an electric eel and humanoid arms.2

Habitat and society

Siyokoys interactions with others vary on their native depth. Shallow-water siyokoys socialize more with nearby races, including surface-dwellers, while deep-water siyokoys are more morose, or even aggressive. Members of surface races sometimes pay siyokoys for help finding shipwrecks and underwater ruins.3

As a race, siyokoys tend to ally with cecaelias and athamarus4 and oppose alghollthus, iku-tursos, and other evil aquatic creatures and societies.

On Golarion

Siyokoys live in the Embaral, Obari, and Okaiyo oceans, and the Ivory, Songil, and Valashmai seas.3 A band of siyokoys lives in the ruins of Sangoshi off the coast of Minkai where they regularly attack trading vessels of the nearby city of Hiyosai.5


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