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Source: Rivers Run Red, pg(s). 80-81

Ceratioidi1 are fish-like aquatic humanoids that inhabit bizarre, spired cities in the deep trenches of Golarion's oceans.

Each ceratioidi is actually two creatures—a powerfully-built female, and a tiny parasitic male no bigger than a large rat. When joined, the male and female retain their independent consciousness, though the male's biological functions become linked to those of the female. A mated pair of ceratioidi share a powerful telepathic link, their unique mental structure allowing for them to excel in many fields of study, including combat and wizardry.2


A typical female ceratioidi stands at about seven feet tall, and weighs around 300 pounds, with powerful limbs and a massive, toothed maw. In addition, a ceratioidi possesses a bioluminescent lure, known as an esca, attached to their forehead by a fleshy appendage. This lure is the focus for their hypnotic abilities, and serves them both in the hunt and in combat.2


Little is known of ceratioidi society, save for the small River Kingdoms outpost known as Outsea. Long ago, in a military campaign against the merfolk, a group of ceratioidi mercenaries were trapped in a patch of magically-contained brine deep inland on the Sellen River. Left with no choice but cooperation or death, the various aquatic peoples pooled their resources and created the community of Outsea, a town existing both above and below the waterline where terrestrial creatures trade with their aquatic neighbors.23

Ceratioidi are theorized to be descendants, or at least related to, of the godling Danglosa.4


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  1. The singular and plural of ceratioidi are the same.
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