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Type Aberration
CR 15
Environment Any swamp (tar seeps)

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 60

Targothas are bizarre alien creatures adapted to live and swim in thick tar.[1]


Targothas resemble enormous, purple eel-like fish with large fins attached directly behind their heads and smaller paired fins running down their bodies. Their heads are eyeless, but numerous eyes are dotted along the lengths of their long, hooked tongues.[1]

On Golarion

Targothas originally evolved on a remote planet rich in oily substances, whose native life had adapted to thrive in its seas of tar. Targothas were among the native life sampled by the Divinity as it journeyed though the universe, and were thus among the creatures stranded on the surface of Golarion when the spaceship crashed in modern-day Numeria.[1] The targothas were able to survive despite the alien environment they found themselves in, and established a stable population within tar seeps and pools in the Felldales of Numeria.[2]