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The Laughing Fiend
Unknown race of fiend
Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 53 (1E)
Ruins of the Radiant Siege, pg(s). 34, 53 (2E)

Tegresin is an enigmatic fiend of unknown type, caged within a personal demiplane known as the Prison of the Laughing Fiend.1


Tegresin resembles a quasit or imp with the head of a fox and the tail of a scorpion, wearing a comically oversized crown.1


Tegresin's history changes every time he tells it, and he always paints himself as the victim; what remains consistent is that he struck a bargain with powerful warlords, and in the end, both he and the souls of the warlords' descendants ended up trapped in the demiplane.2 According to one version, Tegresin aided the warlords against their enemies, before destroying them for refusing to fulfil their part of the bargain. Since then, their descendants' souls have been flowing to the Prison of the Laughing Fiend, doomed to never proceed on the River of Souls. Tegresin is both covetous and hateful toward these souls, and has never harmed nor sold them, though he remains open to negotiations.31

Tegresin is the architect behind the rise and fall of Ceolaeros, the only Apocalypse Rider who willingly abdicated from the position across history.4 Tegresin also created Tegresin's Devouring Well, a sentient well of many worlds that surreptitiously redirects its users to the Prison of the Laughing Fiend.5


Tegresin is talkative and charming toward visitors, but they never agree on their host's identity, desires, and the true nature of his imprisonment. He sometimes makes deals with powerful visitors, which always involve gifting warped and twisted wishes of great power.1


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