Prison of the Laughing Fiend

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Prison of the Laughing Fiend

Prison plane frozen in time
Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 53

The Astral demiplane known as the Prison of the Laughing Fiend at first glance seems to be a copy of a realm from the temperate, forested Universe. At closer inspection, it seems devoid of all animal and insect life, and there is no passage of time. The sun hangs perpetually in a daytime sky and the air has a subtle chill.

An ancient castle at the plane's center serves as the home and prison of the fiendTegresin, also known as the Laughing Fiend. The plane also is the final destination of the souls of a particular tribe from the Universe, who due to terrible magics are unable to reach judgment in the Boneyard.1

Tegresin created Tegresin's Devouring Well, a sentient well of many worlds that surreptitiously redirects its users to the Prison of the Laughing Fiend.2