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The Last Theorem

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The Last Theorem
(Magic item)

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Source: Doomsday Dawn, pg(s). 85

The Last Theorem is a treatise on the culture, philosophy, and science of the Dominion of the Black, disguised as one about mathematics. Translated by Ramlock from a key text of the Dominion, it is closely associated with the Pharaoh of Numbers, one of the four Pharaohs of Ascension, from the time of the Second Age of Osirion.123 Its text may contain the fabled Final Theorem, one of the 11 gifts the pharaohs received from their otherworldly patrons.4

Though the book itself is non-magical, the text contains an inherent and powerful magic. If a reader loses focus on the text, even for a moment, the equations on the book's pages have a tendency to shift slightly, requiring any serious reading to be done in a single, continuous session. Those who are able to apprehend the text sometimes achieve a sort of enlightenment from its mathematical truths, but many succumb to permanent catatonia.5

The Great Old Ones are referenced numerous times in The Last Theorem, and the passages that frame its equations are written with strangely religious overtones.1 The equations themselves depend on 11 constants, all of which are derived from Golarion's relationship to the planet Aucturn, and can be used to decipher the dates at which Osirion's ancient countdown clocks will stop. The White Axiom, the manifestation of Ramlock's reason and humanity, which he left behind prior to writing The Last Theorem, will unlock the true power of the text.56


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