Thunderscale tribe

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Thunderscale tribe
Type Tribe
Leader Chief Indak Spikecatcher
Headquarters Thunderscale Warrens, Mediogalti Island
Scope Local
Structure Tribal
Members Green kobolds

Source: Kobolds of Golarion, pg(s). 11

The Thunderscale are the largest of the kobold tribes that live in the jungles of Mediogalti Island led by Chief Indak Spikecatcher and are dominated by green-scaled kobolds. They make their home in the vast cave network known as the Thunderscale Warrens and are known for their habit of painting their scales with bright plant dyes.[1]

Compared with other kobold tribes, they are comparatively tolerant of non-reptilian humanoids, and engage in a small amount of trade with the humans of Ilizmagorti. They can also sometimes be hired as cheap, but extremely knowledgeable, jungle guides.[1]

The Thunderscale tribe revere the dinosaurs of the jungle as gods, and engage in extremely dangerous religious rituals. Captive dinosaurs are released amongst members of the tribe; those kobolds who manage to survive the experience are considered to be blessed by their "benefactors".[2][1]


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