Sewer Dragon tribe

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Sewer Dragon tribe
Pethjun, a Sewer Dragons member.
Type Tribe
Leader Chief Kibizax
Headquarters Absalom
Scope Local
Structure Tribal
Members kobolds

Source: Kobolds of Golarion, pg(s). 11

The Sewer Dragons is a kobold tribe that dwell in the sewers of Absalom. They have an aptitude for navigating tight spaces, mapping complex underground areas, and digging new passageways, all skills that are highly sought after. The tribe first tunneled into the drainage system in 4696 AR.[1]

The Sewer Dragons, as a tribe, happily accept any kobold willing to work leading to a much more varied skin colour range than found in other tribes.[1]

According to rumours, they can provide discreet tunneling and trapmaking services to various noble houses. Kibizax, the current leader, is an aging but ambitious chieftain with expansionist ideals. His likely successors are the clutchmates Yiddlepode and Yippitok who both work in secret to undermine the chief's more foolish schemes, attempting to institute a more stable rule. Only Kibizax's plea can bring forth Lirovelix, the tribe's blue dragon mascot.[2]

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