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The Whetstone Snake
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 53

Toishihebi is a forest dragon dwelling in the ruins of Uddo, former capital of Minkai, who seeks dominance over lesser beings like humanoids by looting the graves of Teikoku shoguns and accumulating a hoard large enough to become a bandit king. Locals falsely believe him to be the vengeful draconic incarnation of Shogun Teikoku Takeru.1


Toishihebi usually takes the form of Hiyuke, a human bandit infamous for stealing from the poor and the rich alike and selling antiques (usually pottery stolen from Teikoku graves) to smugglers along the Kamiteki River.1


Toishihebi hatched more than 300 years ago in the woods northwest of Shogokabe, and led his siblings in a revolt against their abusive parents. He was the only survivor of that fight, and was forced to hide in the ruins of Uddo when badly wounded and hunted by other predators, leaving his family's hoard behind.1

During his quest to gather allies, Toishihebi travelled to the Higashita Coast in lizardfolk form and persuaded a queen to bear him three half-dragon sons. They became barbarians, and joined their father under the ruins of Matsukanmuri, one of the castles in Uddo, when they came of age.1


Toishihebi has press-ganged the local ratfolk population into his service, harassing them and forcing them to serve as scouts and cannon fodder. The terrified ratfolk have been fomenting legends about the cruel habits of their master.1

Toishihebi spends most of his time fighting the Ashen Watch, a secret society of monks who have guarded the graves of Teikoku shoguns since that empire still existed, employing teleportation devices to patrol the necropolis. He has also been impeded by a band of earth yai, who came from the Forest of Spirits and have begun to prowl around Uddo.1


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