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Teikoku Shogunate

First Kingdom of Minkai
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 36

The Teikoku Shogunate, sometimes referred to as the First Kingdom of Minkai, ruled the Minkai peninsula until it was overthrown by Minkai forces under the command of Setsuna Kuga in 3616 AR at the Battle of Eight Bridges. Its capital, Uddo, was razed by the victorious Minkai forces after this battle, who established their new capital in Kasai in 3619 AR.12


The Teikoku Shogunate was founded by the Teikoku family who, in modern times, are one of the five imperial families of Minkai.3

In 470 AR, the Teikoku General Ishanda Aiko led an expedition from Mount Kumijinja in the Ikkaku Peninsula along the Ghost Path. There were almost no survivors as Ishanda's army stumbled upon the outskirts of the oni city of Shirogoku. A battered Ishanda returned along the Ghost Path to the Shogunate to warn them of the appalling city she had discovered.4


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