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Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 170

Half-dragons are the result of cross-breeding between dragons and other beings. Dragons rarely deign to willingly mate with creatures not of their kind, so most half-dragons are the result of experiments by wizards and cultists.1 The most common exception to this rule are blue dragons, who sometimes breed half-dragon offspring to help them control their domains.2

Half-dragons resemble powerful examples of the creatures they are spawned from, with draconic features such as scales and leathery wings. They have a weaker version of their draconic parent's breath weapon.1

Most half-dragons breed true, creating new races of monsters such as the dracolisk.1

On Golarion

The crystal dragon Messentrel the Purple rules an empire of dwarves and mephits on the Plane of Earth, using his half-dragon offspring as proxy rulers.3

Notable half-dragons

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