Town Hall (Solku)

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The Town Hall complex of the Katapeshi town of Solku is located opposite the Lambent Citadel. The main building of the complex holds the town council's chamber, offices for Lord Kel-Kalaar and several judges, and the courtroom. An adjoining building contains the main guard barracks and armory of the town watch. Below this building lies Solku's prison. The commander of the guards, Marjan Hediyeh, holds frequent meetings with Adar Bilyadan, head of training at Sarenrae's Lambent Citadel, as well as Giana Secondstride of Fort Longjaw and Asweya Stiyo of the Serpentine Blades.1

Due to the recent tensions between the Sarenite leadership and the secular government, Marjan Hediyeh has begun leading the guards and militia in extra drills to ensure the loyalty of her soldiers to the government.1


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