Edris Kebede

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Edris Kebede
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Commoner 3
Gender Male
Homeland Solku, Katapesh

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 52

Patriarch Edris Kebede speaks for the residents of the Dustyfoot neighborhood in the Katapeshi town of Solku. Dustyfoot is home to the refugees who decided to settle permanently in Solku when the gnoll army burned their outlying farms and shacks during the siege of the town. The refugees live in Dustyfoot in tightly packed tenements. Despite the town's efforts, tensions run high between the poor residents of Dustyfoot and their wealthy neighbors. Edris Kebede tends to appeal directly to Lady Chanar Cynore rather than to the secular government and Lord Hazic Kel-Kalaar.[1]