Gilded Dreams

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Gilded Dreams is a top-quality pesh shop in the Katapeshi town of Solku. It is owned by Dabir Ghazalim and specializes in the preparation of refined pesh with various properties. The ground and upper floors are luxuriously decorated and beautiful women and men serve the customers. In the dim cellars of the establishment, accessed by the servants' entrance, the poor and desperate can feed their addiction. Dabir Ghazalim tests out the experimental mixtures of alchemist Goli Keb on those poor addicts. Dabir's thugs quickly throw the victims of a fatal mixture in the river outside the town. Gilded Dreams' beautiful servants often learn secrets from their drugged customers and Dabir is known to sell traders' secrets to other traders. The town guard has suspicions that Dabir has a connection with the bandits who prey on caravans in Solku's region.1


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