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The Pens in the town of Solku in Katapesh are located just outside Sunrising Gate. Livestock, pack animals, and mounts are stabled here. The Pens are some of the first structures to have been rebuilt outside of the town's walls after the Siege of Solku. Those who sell animals await customers in small tents, avoiding the sun and burn incense to fight the Pens' smell. Humanoid cargo en route to or from Katapesh or Okeno is also kept in the Pens while the slave caravans stay in town. Town guards ensure the slaves are safe. While they are in the Pens, slaves are given sufficient food and water as well as surreptitious blessing. After centuries of being a source of slaves, Solku does not allow slave trading in the town. Slaves are not openly sold in the town but the residents do not interfere with the slave trade through Solku. Slavers often grumble that slaves escape or go missing from the Pens and the town guard hardly helps slavers recover their property.1


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