Chanar Cynore

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Chanar Cynore

Lady Cynore
Human (middle-aged)
Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 53

Lady Chanar Cynore is one of the most respected figures in Solku. A veteran of many sieges, including the Battle of Red Hail, Lady Cynore has forged a reputation as a fierce warrior as well as a dedicated champion for Sarenrae and Solku. The people look to her for spiritual guidance but also for impassioned speeches and concrete plans of action. Lord Kel-Kalaar's policy of careful action strikes her as dangerously slow and overly cautious, despite his similar agenda. Lady Cynore is the head of an order of Sarenrae's paladins supporting the city. She oversees the activities of Sarenrae's Lambent Citadel and distributes the collected tithes to support the poor in the city, in addition to maintaining the temple and securing the weapons for its defense.12

It is said that Vedie was an ancestor of Lady Cynore.3

Chanar Cynore was born into a Sarenite family in Absalom. She had decided to serve the Dawnflower since she was a child and became a paladin as soon as she reached adulthood. Her early service was peaceful but, while she was on a mission in Osirion, she encountered the militant Cult of the Dawnflower. Saddened by the sect's neglect of the goddess' tenets of mercy and redemption, she decided to move to the traditional Sarenite stronghold of Solku to bring them a kinder interpretation of Sarenrae's faith. Over the next 14 years she rose steadily through the ranks to become the head of the Lambent Citadel. It was the gnoll siege in 4701 AR that changed her view: she could no longer believe that all creatures deserved a chance at redemption. She now poured all her strength into slaying the gnolls and has won the admiration of her people.4

Today, Lady Cynore believes that the best way to keep Solku safe is to launch a pre-emptive strike, but understands it is difficult to convince the still-recovering town. She fears that Lord Kel-Kalaar's more cautious approach may give the gnoll army the time to organize a new assault. Rumors are muttered that the armies of the Red Sultana are amassing again in the mountains.45