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Erdija, a Rashalka centauress of the Voaldyn clan.

The Rashalka, translated as "Thundering Hooves", are an ethnicity of centaurs who dwell in large numbers in western and southern Iobaria. They range from Okor's Basin to the Caemorin.[1]

The most numerous and common of the three primary Iobarian ethnicities, these centaurs are the most similar to the more well-known centaurs of the Inner Sea. Indeed, the smaller Nomen centaurs of the eastern Stolen Lands are an offshoot of this larger group.[2]

The Rashalka are split into a large number of smaller clans or tribes who share certain territory, such as Hoofwood.[3] The settlement of Vurnirn is the shared seat of power for the clans Kraask, Phelor, Tsurvom, and Voaldyn, with the city split into three zones of control.[4]


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