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Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Veiled master
Homeland Delvingulf, Sekamina

Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 74

Uruluura is a veiled master who rules secretly and uncontested in the drow city of Delvingulf.[1]


Over 73 years, Uruluura has turned the council of matrons ruling Delvingulf to its side with gifts of glyph magic and fleshwarping secrets, and to this day they remain its staunchest allies. The most prominent matrons are Xalathala Invinaar, Kaelosie Aediil, Nirova Elsegell and Ciwin Pliesiea. Through Uruluura's instructions on fleshwarping, Ciwin has developed a fleshwarped munavri prototype. The matrons fully understand Uruluura's identity and power, and strive to keep it a secret from outsiders, particularly Zirnakaynin. Their schemes successfully kept the first group of inquisitors from Zirnakaynin at bay, but deeper investigations could uncover its existence.[1]

Uruluura has recently come into conflict with the cerebric fungus Whispers of the Stone by invading a cave system where the cerebric fungus holds dominion. Whispers of the Stone and its vegepygmy allies are preparing for an assault on Delvingulf, which could prove disastrous to Uruluura's plot if this information were to reach Zirnakaynin.[1]


In 4714 AR,[2] Uruluura finished the development of a mesh repeater, which has since sat untested and unused beneath the Obsidian Palace in Delvingulf. Uruluura has not told fellow alghollthus of its development, for fear of attracting a munavri invasion of Delvingulf.[1]

Uruluura's current research involves exploring Orv and recovering the technology of the xiomorns. It plans to combine their vaultgates with knowledge of elven aiudara and the Cyphergate to create a portal capable of seeing into the future and allowing psychic control; Uruluura believes that the xiomorns came close to this goal when trying to escape the yithians. Once this portal is built, Uruluura intends to combine it with the mesh repeater to create an alghollthu empire that stretches across time itself.[1]


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