Cerebric fungus

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Cerebric fungus

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 52
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Cerebric fungi are intelligent, mobile, and carnivorous alien fungi that have been found on Golarion, Castrovel, and the Liavaran moon Nchak.12


A cerebric fungus resembles a swollen, brainlike bulb encrusted with fungal shelves, bisected by a wide mouth and positioned upon several thin legs. It constantly scans the minds of those around it and project images gleaned from them.1


Despite being a relatively simple life form, cerebric fungi are still smarter than most humanoids. Attempting to read a cerebric fungus' mind risks being overwhelmed by its alien thoughts, and it can emit an indescribable shriek to nauseate foes.1


Cerebric fungi are curious about other creatures and often ask endlessly annoying questions or conduct harmless but disturbing experiments. Some eccentric scholars claim to have learnt unsettling secrets from these interviews.1

On Golarion

A colony of cerebric fungi has settled in the periphery of Deep Tolguth in Orv. They maintain a truce with the local xulgaths, who deposit corpses into the Charnel Basin that the fungi arrange into inscrutable patterns among colossal, primeval skeletons.3


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