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Large city
Mostly drow
Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 43

The drow port city of Delvingulf is situated on the northern shores of the Dying Sea in the Darklands realm of Sekamina. It is one of only two drow ports on the Dying Sea, the other being Telderist. Its black docks are a well-known landmark and provide docking for vessels trading across that sunless sea with the ghoul settlement of Nemret Noktoria, and on rare occasions the ulat-kinis of Cold Momugado.1


The city is publicly ruled by dozens of minor drow noble houses, who all secretly answer to the veiled master Uruluura. This has not escaped the scrutiny of the rulers of the capital city of Zirnakaynin, who noticed the increasing interactions with ulat-kinis and sent an investigation team who failed to bring back any evidence.23

Trade and outside relations

As a port city, Delvingulf also has an active role in the slave trade of the Darklands, and regular trade caravans leave Delvingulf for the hryngar4 city of Hagegraf. The city also has a close connection to the dero city of Krba, which maintains an embassy there.5 Slaves brought to Delvingulf are generally exchanged for magic items and favors.2

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