Vayde Petronax

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Vayde Petronax

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 53

Vayde Petronax is the patriarch of the daemon-worshipping Petronax family, who pretends to be a Kalistocrat in an attempt to pave the way for a daemonic invasion of Druma and achieve a true ascension after death by offering the afterlives of the Kalistocrats to his patron, the daemonic harbinger Braismois.1


A century ago, Vayde's great-grandmother learnt about the secret promised afterlife of the Kalistocrats and saw that it was nothing more than a way to delay one's inevitable judgement by Pharasma. She shared the information with Braismois and entered an agreement with him to destabilise Druma so he could invade it and harvest the Kalistocrats' afterlives. Since then, her descendants have seen the Prophecies of Kalistrade as a scam and worked to fulfil her bargain with Braismois. Vayde himself owes his daemon-spawn heritage to her dealings with daemons.12

Vayde rarely leaves the Petronax Estate, where he is attended only by his closest family members while the rest of his clan operate across Druma. His youngest nephew Tativan frequently visits the Petronax Villa in Petitioner's Port to oversee his operations in the town.13


Vayde leverages his economic influence and control over the Kahlehlin region to manipulate certain Oversight Council members.4