Petitioner's Port

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Petitioner's Port

Small town
910 humans, 195 dwarves, 130 halflings, 65 other
Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 51

Petitioner's Port is a town in southwestern Druma, in the region of Kahlehlin, near the border with Isger. It is well-connected to the rest of the country, serves as the southern gateway to Druma from Inner Sea nations, and has a reputation for initiating newcomers into the Prophecies of Kalistrade.1


Petitioner's Port is situated on the northern bank of the Profit's Flow, near its headwaters. It is less ostentatious than most Drumish cities, being mostly constructed from redwood harvested near Macridi. Numerous sturdy docks jut out from the town to support all kinds of riverboats. Petitioner's Port is connected to Kerse via the Profit's Flow, and to numerous settlements across Druma by well-travelled roads. The Path of Commencement leads from Petitioner's Port to the nearby Isgeri town of Dustpawn, which has long been its trade partner.1


Petitioner's Port is governed by a chief administrator appointed by the Resplendent Bureaucracy; currently, the dwarf Wurmbrandt occupies this position. The chief administrator and their aides reside in the Executive Seat on a hill northwest of the town, which serves as both a governmental and judicial building.1


Petitioner's Port was originally established as a military fort to discourage Taldan Armies of Exploration from invading Druma from Isger. Its status as a port town dates back six centuries. After the death of Aroden, many locals believed that the population of Petitioner's Port would grow from immigrants, but this was not the case due to the construction of nearby Alabastrine.1


Petitioner's Port is the first place where those who arrive on foot can get their first glimpse at Druma, and receives regular visitors from Isger and farther nations. Crime is almost unheard of, and the port is always lively as workers haul goods from the boats that arrive daily, most of which are bound for Kerse or Alabastrine.1


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